Funeral Account

At some stage either during or after the course of arranging the funeral, costs will be discussed. A written estimate will be prepared when all choices are made and arrangements are confirmed.

A funeral account is broken up into two main parts:

1. Funeral Director’s charges
2. Disbursements (Expenses paid to third parties on the clients behalf).

Funeral Director’s charges are generally made up of the cost of

  • The coffin or casket
  • Provision of vehicles
  • Removal of the deceased
  • Care of the deceased
  • Transport to the place of repose
  • Transport to the Church or Crematorium
  • Use of funeral home
  • Professional services

Disbursements would include amongst other costs:

  • Cemetery/Crematorium charges
  • Church offerings
  • Death announcements in National newspapers.
  • Singer/Music
  • Flowers

These payments can on occasions amount to well over half the cost of the funeral and Lanigan’s pay these amounts on your behalf.

Account Payment

An Invoice for the funeral is sent out to the representative approximately 14 days after the funeral. Payment is generally expected within 30 days of date of Invoice. However, there are occasions when a Death Certificate may not be immediately available or Probate needs to be taken out before the account can be paid. Lanigan’s fully realise that this may happen and request only that you keep them informed of developments. The cost of the funeral has, by law, first charge on the deceased estate. This is why Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies and other Financial Institutes will pay the funeral account on the production of an Invoice and a Death Certificate. Solicitors, at the request of the Executors will arrange to pay the funeral account even before Probate is granted provided the estate is in funds. Circumstances can vary from case to case so do not hesitate to contact us for advice on the matter.

Bereavement Grant

This Grant is no longer available for deaths that occurred after 31st. December 2013.

Death Assistance Grant (from € 850)

The payment of this grant is discretionary and may be means tested. It is applicable mainly to those receiving Social Welfare payments of one form or or another, including pensions. Application forms are available from your local Health Board Office and must be accompanied by the Funeral Invoice in the applicant’s name. The Community Welfare Office decides if the full grants or part of it will be paid.

Widowed Parent Grant (€ 6000)

This is available where a death occurs of a parent with dependant children.(under 18 or over if in full-time education). The Grant is paid when the widowed parent applies for the widow/widowers pension.

Occupational Injuries Scheme (€850)

If a death is work related or as a result of a prescribed illness a Funeral Grant may be paid under the occupational injuries scheme.

Social Welfare

If a spouse or partner dies while they are receiving a Social Welfare payment such as the state pension, unemployment benefit, disability benefit etc., payments will continue to be made for 6 weeks after the death. The local Social Welfare Officer can supply more details.

Credit Union (from €1270)

Any qualified member of a Credit Union is entitled to receive payment from the Death Benefit scheme. Further details may be obtained from your local Credit Union